A Golden Dog's View of This Human World By: Savannah Adams
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A Golden Dog's View of This Human World
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How Savvy the Dog Got Here!
Here is a "pen in paw" first hand look at golden retriever columnist Savannah "Savvy" Adams' four year writings on her canine world co-existing with everything she encounters!

Savvy started "writing" columns in 2007 for The Lakes News Shopper, a free circulation newspaper in Dickinson County, northwest Iowa. "My Point of View" by Savannah Adams was an instant hit! From reader feedback and comments, to various dogs and cats writing her letters to the editor, to public receptions like parades and charity events; Savvy became known to thousands!

After many reader comments such as "Why doesn't Savvy write a book?" or "Her stuff beats your editorials 10 to 1", Savvy and I had a long discussion on the merits and work involved in a potential book deal. With the bribe of extra chew bones and more pheasant hunting time, she went barkingly bonkers over the thought she could actually pull it off.
Savvy... A Golden Dog's View of This Human World
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